Special policies and procedures during the Covid-19 pandemic

To promote the health and safety of our guests, as well as our staff, we have special Covid-19 measures in place until further notice. 

Staff will not be allowed to work if they show signs of illness, or if they have come in contact with anyone who has Covid-19.   Staff will wear face masks and gloves whenever entering any of our properties for any reason.  Staff contact with guests will be handled by phone or email as much as possible.  Visits for maintenance reasons etc. will be made when guests are out, as much as possible. 

Hand-sanitizer (at least 70% alcohol) and face masks will be provided inside of each property.  Thermometer is available upon request.

A special protocol will be in place for our cleaners, who have always upheld a high standard of quality. 

In addition to the usual top-to-bottom cleaning before guest check-in, a few special procedures will be taken by our professional cleaners:

-Windows will be left wide open during cleaning, for full ventilation.

-Special attention will be paid to sanitizing high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, remote controls, window locks, railings, light switches, knobs, faucets, kitchen appliance handles, etc. etc.

-New gloves will be worn before bed linens and towels are placed. 

-After cleaning, we will use hospital-grade spray disinfectant to thoroughly sanitize all surfaces throughout the unit (including furniture, bedding, towels and so on.) 

-Pre-check-in cleaning and preparation will be carried out 24 hours before check-in, as much as possible.  

-Careful attention will be paid to cleaning chemicals used, to ensure that they meet government safety standards, and are also non-toxic and earth-friendly to the highest degree possible. 

Finally, for the time being, we will allow cancellation of reservations without penalty, up to the time of arrival, for any reason.  Any payments received will be refunded without question. 

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